Hazel Andrews

Hazel Andrews is truly an outstanding woman and is a treasure to our community. She is so welcoming, kind and considerate to others. She is a thoughtful friend and a wonderful party planner, always recognizing a birthday or reaching out to comfort someone. She truly makes people feel special. One friend recalls her generosity and thoughtfulness when he first moved in, as she surprised him by decorating his shelf & door with gifts.  She is an active participant bringing her fun and energetic nature to our communities activities. Although none of us can keep up with her, she is an inspiration to everyone and encourages and invites other people to participate and to use their talents. She leads exercise class, dances up a storm, and is such a pleasure to be around. Hazel is also an active participant in the church activities, bible study and Sunday service, organizing charitable projects and always willing to help. She is currently working on filling 100 boxes for the children’s Christmas Shoebox Project. We are honored to know Hazel and to nominate her for this much deserved recognition as an Outstanding Senior! 

Russell Trommer

This isn't the story about just any gentleman living in an assisted living community.  This story is one of an extraordinary human being who has become a resounding heartbeat of Wyoming Springs Assisted Living and Memory Care. Some residents are the echos, the lifeblood, and the supportive elements within their community but Russell Trommer is a resident that genuinely makes the place "tick". Russell and his witty wonderful wife, Helen moved into Wyoming Springs shortly after Wyoming Springs opened its doors.  He and Helen were inseparable as they participated in activities and event and shared meals and conversation with others.  They had a way of making other residents feel at ease moving into their new surroundings. Helen moved to our Memory care neighborhood later In the year.  Normally this can create an emotional turmoil that is difficult to recover from and one that can become permanent.  Yes it was difficult to stretch the bond Russell shared with Helen between the two living spaces.  But instead of becoming lonely and depressed about the change and the fact that he missed his wife beyond measure, he became a healthy, constructive means of solution to the dilemma.  Russell came to Memory care daily... Several different times during the course of each day.  He didn't go simply to visit his wife, he went to learn more about her community, the other residents, the daily grind.  He became a thriving part of that neighborhood, participating in their programs, helping the staff, and in the process learning a great deal about the dementia/Alzheimer's phenomenon.  To this day he is a part of their world, accepting the moment to moment changes and differences, so to speak. In the assisted living community where he lives and sleeps, Russell is a source of positive energy and dedication.  He tends the organic garden daily, instructs exercise classes on weekends, helps anyone in need, and serves as inspiration to us all as he faces his challenges with a smile and an upbeat attitude. Russell loves life, he relishes in its ups and gratefully accepts it's downs.  He is the person I strive to be when I reach 92 years of age! Yes, 92. 

Claire Crowley

Bill Bartling

Bill is an excellent example of how you can impact lives while retired. Bill is our resident photographer, taking pictures at all our events. Every month he presents an hour long slideshow to music, featuring those pictures, demonstrating that our residents enjoy having fun! During our happy hour which runs 6 days a week, he brings a political trivia question and challenges us to think. 

Bill is also known as the computer expert and lends his assistance to residents. Once asked why he does it, he explained he really enjoys it!

Bill and his wife Phyllis are also great ambassadors for our community. They are excellent with prospects, sharing how their lives have been enriched by living at The Conservatory.

When others are asked what word would sum Bill up, they say: Generous, Helpful, Gracious, Dedicated, and Caring.

Isobel Price

Isobel's smile, disposition, and positive attitude light up the room before she even enters it. She

volunteers her time wherever she's needed - always with a pleasant spirit and willing heart, never

expecting anything in return. I call her my "honorary assistant manger" because she's always quick to help in the office or anywhere she can be used. She makes those around her feel like close family, and you can feel that she is sincere. 

Lena Carrick

She is 104 years old, member of our Emeritus 100 club, currently volunteers at Hill Elementary 

with Emeritus two times a month. She loves people and still votes. She has met Presidents

Reagan, Eisenhower, and Elder Bush. She has lived many places from Texas to Chicago from

Montana to California. She helped create Pasadena's first telephone book. She also wrote a book 

"The Strength of a Woman."

Audrey Harrington

Audrey is always looking out for the welfare of her peers. She assists several residents in Bingo that don't see well by helping them mark their cards. She offers to help if we are doing a project and someone is struggling with glue or scissors. If someone is not feeling well she will alert the staff. She is always advocating for others. Audrey also helps staff with setting up for Bingo, parties, special events, and other celebrations. She enjoys preparing food and serving her peers.

Audrey has a big heart and really cares about her community! When we get a new resident she encourages them to be active here and introduces them to other residents. She does all of these things without ever being asked to. She is an asset to our community here at the Summit Lakeway!

Meet our 2014 Senior Honorees!

Claire Frances (Gierman) Crowley was born at home in Chicago on Friday, May 13, 1909. She was the eldest of five children.  Her father, Roy Gierman, worked for Claire’s grandfather, at the Chicago Law Bulletin; her mother, Laila Ewing Gierman was an internationally known professional bowler. Claire attended Morgan Park High School in Chicago, and University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. She married her high school sweetheart, William J. Crowley, Sr., and they had three children, William J. Jr., Susan Claire and Rowe Ellen. Claire devoted her life to supporting her husband and raising her children. She found time, as well, to engage in community and charitable activities. For example, she was a volunteer and then President of the Auxiliary of Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, Illinois. She was an avid bridge player and had many lifetime master points. Her husband, Bill, advanced to become Executive Vice President, Finance, of Northern Illinois Gas Company, President of the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, and then  first Chairman of the United States Postal Rate Commission under President Nixon.This latter promotion required that they move to Washington DC, where they socialized with high ranking government officials including other members of the President’s Cabinet, Members of Congress and Justices of the Supreme Court. Claire’s children produced eight grandchildren and they, in turn, produced twenty great grandchildren.  No great, great grandchildren yet.Upon Bill’s death in 2003, at the age of 98, Claire moved to Lakeway Texas, at Vista Oaks, where she has lived ever since. She has become an avid Texan, and believes herself to be fortunate to be living at Emeritus at Vista Oaks.