John Garcia

John Garcia is an outstanding senior, especially to all of us in our assisted living community. Without being asked, he is the first to help out with anything from unloading cars, escorting residents to meals,setting up activities, helping residents on and off the bus, getting greeting cards signed for residents and assisting them on shopping trips, just to name a few. When he is out, he frequently brings home goodies for his tablemates. Sometimes he goes door to door with treats for his friends. If someone needs something, he will walk to a nearby shopping center to get it for them. His laugh warms the hearts of all of us along with a smile to match.

Ann Hamilton

Ann is a delight in our community. She is friendly to all, encouraging them with her smile and ever-ready laugh.When we have a potential resident stop by, we can always count on Ann to bring her happiness forward as she chats with them about her home here and the people she enjoys spending her time with. She gets others involved in activities with her contagious enthusiasm and always greets those around her with a cheerful word and smile. We are grateful to have her in our community.

Meet our 2017 Senior Honorees!

Joe Morahan

Joe is a native Texas, born and raised in Fort Worth. He is married to the love of his life, Charlotte who are about to celebrate their 62nd anniversary. He is a devoted Father to his three daughters and grandchildren. Joe is dedicated to Civic Services, working for the city of Lubbock for 10 years and then the City of Austin for 28 years as Manager of Real Estate Services Division before retiring. Joe is a man of integrity. He is humble and gracious. Ask all who know him and they will tell you he is the epitome of kindness, devotion, selflessness, compassion, and faithfulness. We are honoring Joe Morahan because he is an advocate for our residents and a leader in our community. He is always available to assist a neighbor and offer a helping hand.​

Carl and Mary Pullman

Carl and Mary Pullman "fell into" many of their contributions to home, family, and society because their hearts always said YES when someone was in need. Their home was filled with three of their own children, foster children, relatives who needed respite, missionaries, and rescued pets. The locale of their love and contribution to society was their home which threatened to burst at its seams, but was always ready to welcome more. ​

Betty Ford

Betty Ford is respected by the entire community here at Clairmont Retirement Community. She is the Lead Ambassador and has driven our group to an entirely different level of success and professionalism. She is a true example of what it takes to be honest, sincere, loyal, a best friend as well as listens to all those who live here. She serves everyone in need of help, cares for those less fortunate. She is always looking for ways to make Clairmont a better place to live. Her attitude and personality are contagious. Everyone wants to be her friend and trusts her. She speaks very highly of her family. She has two sons. John in San Antonio and Alan in Dallas. She has 7 grandchildren. I consider her to not only be one of my friends for life, but I consider Betty Ford as one of my family members. But I think everyone here at Clairmont feels the same way.

Shirley Shaw

She was born in Dallas, TX and was married for 28 years and had two children, Robert and Amy. Shirley has a degree in music and she sang in a band. She was a land developer in the Austin area for many years. She is very involved in our community; president of the Garden Club, member of our Resident Counsel, and attends most of the events here. She is a member of Northwest Hills Methodist church, is on the board of animal rights in Northwest Hills and is a member of the Ladies Group at her church. She has written endangered species preserve applications to the Federal Government.