4 reasons to get your hearing checked by a professional

Even if you’re not experiencing symptoms, regular professional hearing screenings go a long way in keeping your baseline hearing strong. Here are six reasons getting your hearing checked by a professional is important.  

  1. You can reduce your medical costs

    Getting regular hearing screenings from a professional isn’t just recommended by medical professionals – it’s good for your wallet, too!

     A report from the World Health Organization states that the prevention of hearing loss through early identification (and use of hearing aids) is shown to be cost-effective, especially if use is continuous and accompanied by audiological rehabilitation. While untreated hearing loss has been linked to depression, cognitive decline, physical injury and higher health care costs, treating hearing loss early can help lower your risk of experiencing these issues and potentially save you thousands of dollars.  The best part? Initial hearing health screenings are 100% FREE from most providers, including Connect Hearing.

  2. You can head other health issues off at the pass

    Changes in your hearing health can be indicators of other issues, including diabetes, high blood pressure, medication side effects, and heart disease. But without the help of a trained hearing care professional, it’s not easy to determine what the underlying cause of certain hearing health symptoms are.

    In fact, a growing body of research shows that your ears can be a window to your heart, since your hearing health is closely connected with cardiovascular health. Since the jury is still out on which comes first, experts recommend making regular hearing evaluations a routine part of your medical care if you are over the age of 50. Getting your hearing checked by a professional can help you determine the root cause of certain hearing health symptoms so you can take the proper next steps to help treat any underlying conditions. 

  3. You can get the right treatment more quickly

    Your hearing abilities are unique to you, so whether you’re having trouble hearing low-pitched noises or higher frequencies like children’s voices, your solution should be selected appropriately, which requires the help of a trained professional.

    Participating in a hearing screening overseen by an audiologist can help you determine the exact frequencies you have lost, so you can take the proper next steps and get a solution tailored to your specific needs.  

  4. You can get personalized counseling and recommendations from a professional

    Getting your hearing checked in the comfort of a professional setting offers a number of benefits that big-box stores and over-the-counter options don’t. Once you have evaluated your hearing health, your audiologist can walk you through the latest digital hearing technology if you decide hearing aids are right for you. Your devices can be fine-tuned to your prescribed targets, and adjusted as needed by a trusted professional. Additionally, you get the luxury of regular follow-ups prompted by an audiologist, and you don’t have to troubleshoot your technology on your own.

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